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It’s been two months yet I can’t stop loving you


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I literally invested 5 hours of my life for this =______=

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Day 21 → One of your favorite shows

It took me a while to figure what to answer with.

I am going to say South Park for a number of reasons.

1. It’s the first successful stop-motion animated series ever made in the U.S. Anyone who has ever done a stop motion animation knows how tedious and time consuming it is to do a frame and shoot it constantly, especially with a team of just two people.

2. Despite the many times they jumped the shark on episodes, or when they’re just plain graphic and disturbing, I always get a good laugh from every episode. I am definitely attracted to TV shows that parody pop culture and current events. South Park IMO does one of the best jobs at that.

I’ll add more as I think of them. This was sitting in my drafts for over a year and I want to get it out.

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Just barely turned in my summer sketchbook two minutes before the cutoff time

I totally forgot how bad morning traffic was. Still feels weird not having it though.

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My last and final page of my post-portfolio sketchbook. Kind of fitting since I took advantage of the campus swimming pool for most of my summer. I actually started on this last month, but didn’t get around to finishing it until the pool reopened. It was a tough journey finishing this thing, some good pages, some bad pages, most of the good pages uploaded to IG. It’s very interesting to flip through the pages to see my progress, my summer adventures, etc. It’s so surreal that I’ll be leaving my summer baby in the hands of the same faculty who evaluated my portfolio, but at least this sketchbook portion got me into the habit of carrying a sketchbook everywhere. I may still feel naked over the next few days without my baby, but at least I still have a 4x6 in my car that I can carry around for the time being. Here’s to hoping for a successful second phase of portfolio review. #spring14sketchbookreview #hopefullybfaclassof2017 #finishingstrong #hardworkpaysoff #drawingmileage

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now i’ve got you in my space
i won’t let go of you
got you shackled in my embrace
i’m latching on to you

I finally found my wedding song :3

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Just feeling this song today.

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Just another lonely night in…

Working on my sketchbook for an art program I may/may not get into, despite how many days off I spent going out and filling pages with drawings/paintings… listening to throwback R&B music in hopes that it’ll make me feel happy and upbeat, even though it makes me feel more depressed than anything else about being single… scrolling through OkCupid hoping that some appealing local in their mid-late 20s out there(preferably Asian) will send me a message asking me how I’m doing and see if I want to hang out sometime soon.

I guess the whole thing about nice guys finishing last also apply to women doing the same thing. It’s times like these I can kind of understand the frustration that men like Elliot Rodger had to struggle with, but I hope that the frustration I have today never pushes me to great lengths as to hurt other people.

I don’t know how much longer I can do nights like these anymore… I love being a hopeless romantic. I really do.

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Your walls are lucky. They get to see you cry, naked, sleep, your natural beauty, create, grow, your secrets, stories, and most of all you.
Scottie Waves (via kushandwizdom)